Survival Bar Original Box of 12


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Whether you're working out or working overtime, Survival Bars' nutritionally balanced blend of raw superfoods and 100% organic, whole-food protein, keeps you performing at your peak.

  • Pack them for hiking, biking, working through lunch.
  • They deliver an abundance of living enzymes to keep your living cells running at peak performance.
  • They provide the right balance of protein, essential fats, and carbs from healthy, whole foods.
  • It's like a complete meal that fits in your pocket"¦and far better than the soy-laden, sugar-loaded junk food of typical energy bars.
  • Survival Bars are the best tasting bars of their kind.

Survival Bars are a premium, raw food body fuel that defies comparison. They offer a palate-pleasing, satisfying burst of high quality, 100% organic foods with remarkably intense flavor and health benefits.

Survival Bar Original is the only bar in the world made with fresh, bold flavors of BarleyMax, CarrotJuiceMax, and BeetMax organic, raw, juice powders.

13 grams of whole food, plant-based protein
No Compromises

We use only raw, organic, non-GMO whole foods because they are the best choice for both taste and health. Survival Bars are100% vegan, organic, non-GMO and gluten-free, No soy, salt, refined sugar, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, and no trans fats. Although soy is common in many other nutrition bars, we feel that soy has too many unanswered questions. Because soy (organic or not) mimics estrogen, it can confuse hormones, which can lead to disease. That's a risk we simply don't want you to take with your health.

Quality Control
Finally, Survival Bars are different because we control every step. Everything is made in one facility to ensure that the ingredients can be mixed, blended, packaged, and stored at proper temperatures to preserve their natural qualities and enzyme activity. That's how we can ensure that Survival Bars are the finest quality bars in the world.

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