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BioRay NDF Plus

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It is an unfortunate fact of modern life that heavy metals exist in our water, air, food and dental fillings, and that these toxins are absorbed into the body's cells. Mercury, aluminum, cadmium, nickel, cobalt, uranium, lead, thallium, arsenic, etc. are all toxins that can result in debilitating and chronic illnesses millions of people.
Some adults and children have the additional burden of compromised immune systems and/or severe gut dysbiosis. NDF Plus™ was formulated in clinic to address these patients.
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NDF Plus™ is a dietary supplement that increases the excretion of heavy metals and chemicals, specific for individuals with assimilation and utilization issues, chemical sensitivities and hyper-coagulation. These toxins are excreted primarily through the kidneys reducing reabsorption in the bowels.
The chlorella cell wall in NDF Plus™ is a mucopolysaccharide (non-metal) ion exchange resin (M.I.E.R); it forms both ionic and double bonds with toxic heavy metals in the body.
It is a safe, effective chelator that moves metals out of intra and extra cellular spaces. Using a proprietary manufacturing process, the active ingredients in NDF Plus™ are suspended in liquid, assuring rapid absorption and 100% bioavailability.

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