“I Found Relief From Painful Dry Eyes!” - Ann Malkmus

As an avid bicycle rider, I would spend hours with my husband Paul exploring the rail to trails in different parts of the country. One night I awoke with fear when I couldn’t raise one of my eyelids which was stuck to my eye. Fresh, hot tears rolled down my face. We stopped riding our bikes because it was just too painful. I tried every sort of goggle/eye protection we could find but no relief.

After seeing several doctors, I found one who gave me a prescription eye drop. He told me that if the drops didn’t work they would have to do surgery on the tear duct to try and get relief. Within two weeks from taking this drop, I experienced severe burning in my throat and chest as well as difficulty swallowing.

Those seemingly harmless eye drops hurt several parts of my body. While recovering from those injuries, I asked Olin Idol, a Hallelujah Diet naturopath, what to use to help my severe dry eyes. He recommended using Bio Tears, a product that I immediately began and to my great relief, the combined use of Bio Tears and Hallelujah Diet Total Eye Health have dramatically improved my dry eyes.

I no longer awaken to eyes pasted shut and with consistent, daily use, I can ride my bicycle again without any problems. I would highly recommend these two products to anyone dealing with dry eye issues.

Talk about a Hallelujah!

In business for nearly 25 years, we are confident that you will be satisfied with our unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. Order BioTears today!

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