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Starting something new doesn't have to be an isolating, frightening experience. Being diagnosed with an illness isn't the end. The human body is a miracle machine, specifically created to absorb and use the nutrients that the earth grows.

Plants especially have been a natural superfood for us for years. But nowadays what used to be freshly grown in a natural manner has become inundated with over-processing, chemicals, pesticides and so much more. These unnatural additions have turned our bodies sluggish, sickly, and slow. The process of aging becomes more and more harrowing.

How do we keep our bodies running through sickness and health?

The Hallelujah Diet presents our most extensive collection of the best, most informative guides you will find today on how to navigate your way back to a healthier, happier you.

Our Hallelujah Diet CDs and DVDs have been specifically made to show you behind the scenes of how the diet works. Our products cover every aspect of how you can juggle your hectic schedule and still eat right, to how nutrients and vitamins can super boost your body into beginning the healing process on its own.

For the beginner to the diet, to the expert, we can guide you every step of the way with our expertise. The Hallelujah Diet CDs and DVDs feature a mouth-watering set of culinary classes by Rhonda. More than 400 recipes to dazzle your taste buds and create mouth-watering healthy meals for the whole family and guests.

Our hand-picked selection offers the scientific basics of how and why we get sick when we eat SAD (Standard American Diet), and how to properly nourish our bodies. Hallelujah Diet CDs and DVDs will walk you through your first juicing, to the comforting reassurance of finding the right balance of health in food.

With our diet CD and DVD collection, starting something new or facing something new on your own doesn't have to be frightening. We can guide you through struggling with weight, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and the devastating mental effects eating poorly can induce.

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