Gia Wellness Universal Twin Pack (2 chips)

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This 2 chip package is an economical way to safely harmonize and minimize the harmful effects of EMFs and electromagnetic radiation (EMRs). It can be used on several of your appliances and tech devices such as, computers, cordless phones, TVs, hairdryers, etc.

The revolutionary GIA Universal Guard provides your first line of defense against electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) — also known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR) — by actively working to neutralize the effects of your exposure to harmful EMR, as well as strengthen the body’s resilience to stress at the same time. The Universal Guard uses the proprietary GIAplex™ technology, a cutting-edge dual-action process that’s not only one-of-a kind, but also universal in its application.

  • Made in the USA by a military defense contractor!
  • Works on any wired, and/or wireless devices in home, office, etc.!
  • Only patented product of its kind in the world!

The technology powering the GIA Universal Guards (“MRET-Nylon”) was recently featured in a highly popular documentary called “The Truth About Cancer”. Please watch the below video clip from this documentary and find out why the MRET-activated GIA Universal Guard shave become a global must-have product for people concerned about the effects of electromagnetic exposure from their many wireless devices in their home, office and during travel:


Powered by the proprietary GIAplex™ dual-action technology, the Universal Guard is designed to neutralize the effects of electropollution exposure, as well as reinforce your body’s natural resilience to it.

  • Designed to assist in alleviating the cumulative stress associated with living in today’s electronic and wireless environment
  • Suitable for use on most electronic devices, both wired and wireless
  • Resilient & long-lasting
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