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This supplement for eye health is designed to supply the body with necessary building materials to improve the eyes' structure and function. Millions of Americans have impaired vision and many more will suffer from preventable eye disease. Take a decisive step toward optimal eye health with this highly effective eye health supplement that supports:

  • Central vision and detailed color perception
  • Combating free radical damage that can cause cancer
  • Adaptation to darkness and night vision
  • Minimizing eyestrain and fatigue
  • Maximizing stability and absorption

Our eyes—just like every other part of our body—are either healthy, unhealthy or at risk and we may not even know it. Millions of Americans have impaired vision and many more will suffer from preventable eye disease or injuries. And what is more important than your vision?

The carotenoids in the Total Eye Health supplement are much more bioavailable, about 10-fold higher, than the same carotenoids in foods such as leafy green vegetables. Vegetables help vision a lot (and they have many other beneficial benefits as well), but the formula of this eye supplement is designed to quickly supply the body the necessary building materials to improve the eyes' structure and function.

Within one month, differences can be detected by clinicians. Multiple studies of dietary supplements have shown that the amount of macula pigment increases when lutein and zeaxanthin are consumed. While there are many eye health supplements on the market, none is quite like Total Eye Health for five reasons:

  1. Our blend of lutein and zeaxanthin also includes substantial meso-zeaxanthin (MZ).  This is important because, in the eye, some lutein can be converted to meso-zeaxanthin, and it is commonly thought that you only need to provide lutein to get meso-zeaxanthin to accumulate in the eye.  However, studies have shown that if you supply MZ in a supplement, you will increase MZ in the very center of the macula. By supplying meso-zeaxanthin, our formula will give you better results for your vision.

  2. This eye supplement formula also includes astaxanthin, which has been shown in numerous studies to relieve eye strain and related symptoms.  Astaxanthin is an even stronger free-radical quencher than the other macular pigments, so you are getting much better protection in our formula compared to those eye formulas without astaxanthin.  Plus, you get other beneficial side effects of astaxanthin for countering acute bouts of inflammation from over-exertion, improved physical stamina, and stronger antioxidant protection throughout the body, including the brain.

  3. Our formula contains a natural blend of alpha-carotene and beta-carotene.  Most supplements with beta-carotene only have a beta-carotene in them.  But carrots, squash, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes also include alpha-carotene. The carotene in this supplement is truly natural, containing all the carotenoids found in the original food source.

  4. The HD supplement contains a black currant extract from New Zealand, containing a higher concentration of antioxidants than European black currants or bilberries. They have been shown to be effective for improving night vision in a controlled study.

  5. Our eye health supplement is packaged in unique U-caps.  These capsules are oil-filled veggie capsules that have been purged with nitrogen.  The result is better bioavailability for the carotenoids in the supplement and better shelf stability, so that the carotenoids are not damaged before you get them, and they are plant-based—so no gelatin from questionable sources.

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