Intestinal Balance

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Help your body beat candida for good! Intestinal Balance contains a special enzyme blend that helps to break down candida-causing bacteria and destroy it, allowing your body to re-establish beneficial bacteria balance.

Intestinal Balance helps your body seek and destroy candida-causing bacteria! Candida is caused by an imbalance in gut bacteria, but Intestinal Balance's special enzyme blendsupports the body's efforts to re-establish proper bacteria balance, which promotes good health.

The enzymes in Intestinal Balance help to break down the cell structure of pathogenic (candida-causing) bacteria so that other ingredients in the formula can move in and kill them. With bad bacteria out of the way, your body can begin rebuilding good bacteria.

You can help your body speed its build-up of good bacteria by pairing Intestinal Balance with Hallelujah Diet® Professional Strength Probiotics to coat your entire GI tract with immune-boosting bacteria, shielding you from disease-causing pathogens! 

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  • Helps your body seek and destroy candida-causing bacteria
  • Supports the body's efforts to re-establish proper bacteria balance
  • Pair with Professional Strength Probiotics for best results
  • 90 capsules per bottle
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