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Joint Mobility Kit

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The Joint Mobility Kit provides a broad spectrum of carefully selected ingredients to help support all joints in the body. Whether you are feeling stiff in your back or have injured a knee, this kit provides nourishment to help with strength, comfort and flexibility.

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Joint Mobility Kit
Joint Mobility Kit

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    The 3 supplements in this kit provide a broad spectrum of carefully selected ingredients to help support all joints in the body. Whether you are feeling stiff in your back or have injured a knee, this kit provides nourishment to help with strength, comfort and flexibility.

    Hallelujah Diet Joint Health reduces acute inflammation from injuries, promotes mobility and flexibility, helps rebuild cartilage naturally, enhances self-healing from acute tendon and ligament injuries, provides superb antioxidant protection from inflamed joints.

    100% plant-based ingredient benefits:

    BCM-95 curcumin:

    • Anti-inflammatory agent for acute injuries.
    • Blocks 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX) pathway of inflammation as well as COX-2 pathway (targeted by anti-inflammatory drugs)
    • Blocks 16 different inflammatory pathways in the body, more than any drug. Healing by nature wins!
    • Changes gene expression inside your cells from illness and disease-prone proteins towards wellness and protective proteins. (Picture turning off angry, red, mean inflamed proteins and turning on soothing, calm, cool, green proteins.)
    • Very strong antioxidant. The best agents for blocking acute inflammation are also strong antioxidants.
    • Side effects: Improved mood and mental function, improved colon health, improved cardiovascular function, enhanced immunity, and much more.
    • Naturally enhanced bio-availability, using only curcuminoids and essential oils of turmeric (turmerones). You get more of the turmeric’s healing compounds in BCM 95 than in any other curcumin product on the market.
    • Other enhanced curcumin products use additional compounds to enhance absorption. BCM-95 takes less space in the capsule and is all natural.

    BosPure® boswellia extract:

    • Anti-inflammatory extract of Indian frankincense.
    • Protects joints from acute inflammation from injuries.
    • Blocks 5-LOX pathway of inflammatory response, but in a different way from curcumin, so that there is a synergistic combination.
    • BosPure® extract is very low in β-boswellic acids, which is common in other extracts. The β-bosellic acid actually has an opposing effect, promoting inflammation.
    • Standardized to 10% acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid (AKBA), enhanced about 4-fold over natural concentrations. You get more of the best components with BosPure®.
    • BosPure® and BCM-95 are a clinically proven combination for joint health.


    • Avocado soy unsaponifiables (ASU) is an extract of oil that is tightly bound to fibers in avocados and soybean oil. Very concentrated extract.
    • Rich in phytosterols, particularly beta-sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol, which have strong anti-inflammatory, soothing properties.
    • Stimulates the formation of aggrecan, a major part of the structure of cartilage.
    • Helps rebuild cartilage naturally.
    • Clinically proven ingredient for joint health.

    Grape Seed Extract:

    • Rich source of polyphenols. Strong antioxidants.
    • Quenches destructive free-radicals generated in overwhelming quantities by inflammatory conditions.
    • Protective to liver function.
    • Clinically proved ingredient for joint health.


    • Red carotenoid pigment from microalgae. These algae produce astaxanthin to deal with their stressed environment.
    • Most potent carotenoid—10 times better in one test.
    • Improved motion and flexibility of joints under stress.
    • Clinically proven ingredient for joint health.
    • Side Effects: Faster recovery from workouts, improved eye function, sunscreen protection, enhanced function of other antioxidants, and much more.

    Liposomal Vitamin C: Vitamin C plays an important role in strengthening ligaments and tendons that help support our joints.* The delivery system, minute liposomes, provides efficient absorption into the cells. Vitamin C is essential for the formation of collagen, a major part of our extracellular matrix. Instead of taking collagen supplements, vitamin C supplies the building blocks for making collagen so your body can make the right kind in the right place.

    Collagen Booster with Silica:Silica helps connective tissues to be Flexible, Smooth and Elastic. Silica is important for collagen in the tendons and ligaments in our joints. There is a general decline in silica with age. Losses are more intense from the ages of 35-40 onward. Other ingredients to help with the formation of collagen found in this supplement are camu-camu (food-based vitamin C), lysine, proline, zinc and magnesium.

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