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  1. Get Started Kit
    Get Started Kit
    $49.95 Regular Price $84.78
  2. Cancer Rescue Plan
    Cancer Rescue Plan
    $549.95 Regular Price $594.09
  3. Arthritis Rescue Plan
    Arthritis Rescue Plan
    $109.95 Regular Price $124.80
  4. Diabetes Rescue Plan
    Diabetes Rescue Plan
    $59.95 Regular Price $61.80
  5. AutoImmune Disease Rescue Plan
    AutoImmune Disease Rescue Plan
    $185.95 Regular Price $193.60
  6. Candida Rescue Plan
    Candida Rescue Plan
    $264.96 Regular Price $289.45
  7. Crohns/IBS Rescue Plan
    Crohns/IBS Rescue Plan
  8. Strong Beginnings Kit
    Strong Beginnings Kit
    $82.95 Regular Price $103.79
  9. Marvelous You, Get Fit Kit
    Marvelous You, Get Fit Kit
    $139.95 Regular Price $151.07
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How much of your diet are you 100% sure is raw, untainted, non-GMO, organically sourced food? Do you know exactly how much nutrients and vitamins you are getting with every meal? Why would anyone need supplements? Aren't we getting what we need from the food we eat?

Shockingly, in America almost 90% of people aren't getting the recommended amounts of essential nutrients from their food. Most Americans fail to meet dietary recommendations due to incorrect advice, poor appetite, bad health, or the brain-fog that eating too many over-processed foods can trigger. Supplement kits are the bridge between that gap as more and more families are attempting to eat healthier, cleaner diets.

A supplement kit enhances the density of a nutrient or vitamin and ensures you are obtaining the correct amount. We tailor our supplement kits specifically to these dietary needs for nearly everyone.

We know that as we age, nutrient absorption declines as well. Malabsorption becomes a critical issue when your body can't break down and absorb what it needs as it used to. Digestive enzymes begin to break down over time and as we grow older, more medications taken than the usual may also contribute to this alarming reduction. Did you know that most modern medicine depletes your body of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed to function day today?

Our supplement kits are the right step in restoring your body's balance. We guarantee that all our supplements are made with the best, natural materials without harmful chemicals you probably encounter daily. Cleanse your entire body of the years of toxin build-up while providing the exact nutrients it needs to become a better, healthier, happier you with our supplement kits. Many diseases and conditions can be improved or prevented with the addition of a clean, raw diet and dedication to nutrient supplements—all of which we are passionate and proud to provide.

Give your body the fighting chance it needs with the Hallelujah Diet. Whether it's immune support, fighting off disease, or simply making the change in your diet to what it was originally meant to be, this diet can help.

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