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Health Supplements Rebuilding Kits

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  1. Diabetes Monthly Rebuilding Kit
    Diabetes Monthly Rebuilding Kit

    As low as $70.97 Regular Price $78.85

  2. Arthritis Monthly Rebuilding Kit
    Arthritis Monthly Rebuilding Kit

    As low as $143.75

  3. Cardiovascular(Heart) Monthly Rebuilding Kit
    Cardiovascular(Heart) Monthly Rebuilding Kit

    As low as $129.38 Regular Price $143.75

  4. Crohns/IBS Monthly Rebuilding Kit
    Crohns/IBS Monthly Rebuilding Kit

    As low as $115.88 Regular Price $128.75

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The steps to take back your life have begun. You've noticed the significant changes our rescue kits have made in you and around you. Our patented raw food diet and carefully chosen supplements have improved your health, detoxified your food, cleansed your body and elevated your mind to a new, healthier state.

Life holds unlimited chances for change. Our lives are always in stages, and it is time for your next stage. 20 years of scientific research, as well as personal, intimate experience with the devastating impact of a diagnosis of cancer, led us to life-giving knowledge we offer today. A diagnosis isn't the end, it's only the beginning of a journey to reverse the years of countless toxins, chemicals and more than the SAD (Standard American Diet) has contributed to for so long.

These aggressive health supplement maintenance kits address toxicity, deficiencies, as well as help nourish your body. They boost the immune system allowing you to do precisely what you were made to do: fight off illness and heal yourself. The healing power of your body has always been there. We've simply lost the way in which to naturally, organically re-harness it.

The Hallelujah Diet rebuilding supplement kits are scientifically formulated to address precisely what your body and your systems are lacking to begin to start functioning as they should—removing the toxins as your immune system recovers and begins to heal.

Our highly nutritious raw foods diet coupled with our rebuilding supplements kits nourish your entire system. Just some of the benefits of our supplements are:

  • 28 herbs in psyllium and flax seed base to release toxins and cleanse the colon.
  • Immune strengthening support.
  • Energy-boosting.
  • Probiotics to further boost the immune system
  • Maintain healthy blood and circulatory function
  • Fight off viral, fungal and other infections with potent vitamin C delivery
  • Support bone health, metabolism and delivery of calcium to the right place.
  • Thyroid and gland function.
  • Digestive enzymes to allow your stomach and intestines to absorb every single crucial, raw, natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need to begin healing.

Let us help you take the fear out of change completely by welcoming the most intensive, healthy rebuilding supplement kits on the market today.

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