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It's never too late to rebuild, recharge and fuel your body with one of the most valuable supplements and nutrients available. Promotion of healthy cell growth and protecting your body from the damages aging and disease can cause is just one of the many amazing benefits of this research-based health-boosting nutrient! Barleymax supplements are made with 100% pure, organically certified barley, alfalfa grass juice powder. A variety of flavors are available in many different supply sizes to suit your lifestyle and needs!

Barley supplements are all USDA certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free and raw ensuring that you get the best nature can give for a better, stronger you. This supplement powder has been proven to deliver the nutrition your body needs to optimize your health. It's easy to use, simply mix with water, sit back, sip and start enjoying the benefits!

Barleymax represents the next evolution of superfoods as an enhanced wholegrain. Our supplements have been scientifically proven to enhance energy, eliminate toxins, and build your immune system. Barley supplements can assist you in losing weight, balance your blood sugar while cleansing the blood and improving the elimination of harmful toxicity our bodies store. With these supplements in your daily diet, you'll notice a significant improvement with circulation and a calmer digestive system all while boosting your body to live a longer, healthful life.

Our Barleymax supplements come in several delicious flavors: Original, Berry, and Mint with options for alfalfa free versions or capsules as well.

Barley has been used for thousands of years as a natural, fulfilling, healthy food. We grow out barley as it was meant to be grown, clean, raw and free of the over-processing supplements and foods today often come with. Our patented process has been changing the lives of people for over 20 years, bringing our bodies and our health back to eating foods the way we were meant to before GMOs, processing, and pesticides began changing our diets and our health.

Our Barleymax supplements are packed full of the richest of nutrients your body and your mind has been craving to nourish and sustain itself, and even heal!

Take control, rebuild, recharge, and improve with our Barleymax supplements!

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