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The Resolution Kit


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Hallelujah Diet would like to help you fuel your body, so you have the energy and stamina to accomplish your dreams. That’s why we created The Resolution Kit, containing 4 important supplements.

The Resolution Kit contains:

  • BarleyMax 8.5 oz
  • Professional DHA / Fish Oil
  • Vitamin D3 with K2
  • Magnesium Complex
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The Resolution Kit is available to buy in increments of 1
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The Resolution Kit
The Resolution Kit

In stock



    Hallelujah Diet would like to help you fuel your body, so you have the energy and stamina to accomplish your dreams. That’s why we created The Resolution Kit, containing 4 important supplements.

    The Resolution Kit contains:

    • BarleyMax 8.5 oz: The rich scent, vibrant color, and delicious, fresh taste of Hallelujah Diet BarleyMax powder are living proof its pure nutrition and health promoting power — there's nothing else like it! Made from the juice of gluten-free*, young barley and alfalfa leaves harvested at the peak of nutrition, BarleyMax is jam-packed with living nutrition you need for optimal health. Just mix with water or your favorite juice and enjoy the benefits...

      • Increased energy
      • Elimination of harmful toxins (Detoxify)
      • Stronger immune system
      • Weight loss
      • Improved elimination
      • Better circulation
      • Promotes longer life
      • Helps to balance blood sugar
      • Cleanses the blood
      • Protects against disease
      • Calms the gastrointestinal system
      • Great source of calcium, vitamin K, & protein
      • Contains 8 essential amino acids
      • Scientifically proven

      BarleyMax is jam-packed with:

      • Vitamins
      • Minerals
      • Essential amino acids
      • Chlorophyll
      • Flavonoids
      • Trace elements
      • Antioxidants
      • Live enzymes

      Plus, with its living enzymes and countless micronutrients, BarleyMax offers one of the widest spectrums of naturally occurring nutrients in a single source!

      This powerhouse of raw, living nutrition helps your body build 300 million healthy new cells every minute of every day! And healthy cells help your body defend itself from free radicals, which cause DNA damage.

    • Hallelujah Diet Professional Strength DHA is the most concentrated form of DHA available. In just one capsule you get a full 900 mg of DHA. You can replace 3 soft gel capsules of Triple Concentrated fish oil or more than 1 teaspoon of liquid fish oil with just one capsule a day!

      Why just DHA? You can actually make some EPA from flax seed oil, chia seed oil and other plant-based omega 3 fats, but DHA must come preformed, as only very trace amounts are made by your body. Optimal amounts of DHA must come preformed from your diet or dietary supplements. Why spend a lot of money buying EPA when what you really need is DHA?

      Hallelujah Diet Professional Strength DHA is produced by supercritical extraction, using CO2. This method shields the fragile oil from oxidation by oxygen and high temperatures and introduces no solvents or chemicals into the process. Our oil far surpasses the International Fish Oil Standards for oxidation, heavy metals and organic contaminants.

      • Cardiovascular Health
      • Cognitive Function
      • Mental Health / Mood Stabilization
      • Joint Health
      • Eye Health
      • Supports normal non-inflammatory state

    • Vitamin D3 with K2: Hallelujah Diet Vitamin D3-K2 is a synergistic combination that supports bone health, cardiovascular health, and the metabolism of calcium throughout the body.* Vitamin D3 increases the absorption of calcium, and vitamin K2 directs the body to properly deposit the calcium.* Menaquinone-4 (MK4) is the form of K2 found throughout the body. Menaquinone-7 (MK7) stays in the bloodstream a long time, complementing the quickly absorbed MK4. Vitamin K1 is readily found in a diet rich in green foods but vitamin K2 is not easily obtained from the diet. By utilizing the Unique Encapsulation Technology U-Caps™ provides greater stability and improved vio-availability of the fat-soluble nutrients.

    • Magnesium Complex: Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body. It is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme reactions, including energy production, DNA and RNA synthesis and protein synthesis.

      • Magnesium balances the actions of calcium.
      • Calcium helps contract muscles while magnesium helps relax them.
      • Calcium assists in nerve firing and magnesium helps end the nerve signal.
      • Calcium encourages blood clot formation while magnesium prevents platelet aggregation.
      • Magnesium regulates calcium channels, thus limiting the amount of calcium inside the cells. Too much intercellular calcium can lead to spasms.

      Calcium’s image is tense, rigid, brittle, “calcified.”

      Magnesium’s image is fluid, smooth, relaxed, flexible.

      Magnesium is the anti-stress, relaxation mineral. It is good for body systems that are too tight, cramp easily, and need to relax.

      • Magnesium supports cardiovascular health by helping maintain normal blood pressure and normal cholesterol levels.
      • Magnesium helps the heart maintain a normal rhythm.
      • Magnesium is required for normal insulin function to maintain normal blood sugar levels in the body.
      • Magnesium is required for normal bone structure and strength.
      • Magnesium is essential for normal mental health. Anxiety is increased by magnesium deficiency. Headaches, even migraine headaches, can be partially caused by a shortage of magnesium. A shortage of magnesium can be a contributing factor in depression.
      • Magnesium is essential for pregnant women to avoid preeclampsia (a dangerous condition of high blood pressure, water retention, and seizures).

      Magnesium is depleted in perspiration and utilized at a faster rate during stressful situations, requiring higher intake.

      Magnesium Complex is a blend of four bioavailable forms of magnesium: magnesium succinate, magnesium taurinate, magnesium malate and magnesium aspartate.
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