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Vegetable Fermenting Kit by Perfect Pickler

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Give fresh produce a huge probiotic boost with the Perfect Pickler™ Mason Jar kit. Easier and faster than canning, countertop pickling turns raw veggies into kid-tempting treats with amazing flavor and super nutrition!
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Make fresh pickles quickly with the Perfect Pickler™ Mason Jar Kit.

Add incredible flavor and a probiotic boost to your organic produce. Just put raw vegetables in your own canning jar, add salt and water, then mount the Perfect Pickler™ topper. Then see the veggies transform into fresh, cultured, no-cook pickles—right on your countertop.

The Perfect Pickler adds new appeal to home-grown and other organic produce. It turns veggies into fun-to-make, kid-tempting treats, which can introduce new foods and flavors. Imagine your children digging into pickled peppers, radishes, turnips—even Brussels sprouts!

Pickling provides a super nutrition boost.

Everybody knows that most veggies are super-foods. But pickling packs them with even more nutrition! Pickling produces probiotics -- the good-for-you bacteria that also come from yogurt. Of course, probiotics boost your immune system and aid digestion.

Even more exciting, the pickling process adds vitamins, and it makes the original vegetable's vitamins more absorbable. It also ionizes minerals, making them more absorbable, too. Finally, it adds healthful digestive enzymes.

The no-cook way to transform your food.

The Perfect Pickler™ uses a brine pickling process, meaning no heat is involved. It makes raw vegetables easier to digest, but adds nutrients instead of taking them away.

Pickling is also a great way to try new foods (like peppers, radishes and even Brussels sprouts) and international tastes (from real German sauerkraut to authentic Korean kimchee). It's a new world of flavors.

Mason Jar Not Included.

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