Waterwise 4000 Water Distiller

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This compact countertop water distiller produces one gallon of pure water in four hours, perfect for everyday family consumption.

Waterwise 4000 Water Distiller. Our compact countertop water distiller produces a 1 gallon batch of clean, pure water in just 4 hours! Providing enough water for up to 4 people, the Waterwise Distiller 4000 requires no assembly or installation and is as easy to use as a coffee maker. Simplicity by design makes the Water Wise 4000 water distiller simple in operation! Just fill the stainless steel boiler with ordinary tap water and plug into any standard electrical outlet. Then push the start button and walk away. The Waterwise 4000 Water Distiller stops automatically when the cycle is complete. With its clean lines, powder-white finish and space saving size, the Waterwise 4000 Distiller will complement any kitchen decor. The Waterwise Distiller 4000 comes with a 1 gallon glass collector/storage bottle which fits easily inside your refrigerator. For travel convenience, the bottle goes inside the water distiller! This unique portable design is ideal for RVs, campers, mobile homes and dorm rooms. The Water Wise 4000 Distiller is available for all worldwide electrical requirements and includes a detachable power cord.

The Waterwise 4000 Water Distiller virtually pays for itself when compared to bottled water purchases and eliminates the inconvenience of lugging cumbersome bottles home.

Compact Dimensions:

Height - 15" (38 cm) Diameter - 9" (22 cm) Portable & Lightweight:

Net Weight 7.75 lbs (3.5 kgs) CE Certified (Euro)

CSA Certified (USA & Canada)

1 Year Limited Warranty

120VAC/60Hz 800W - International 240VAC/50Hz 800W

Distillate Capacity -

1 Gallon (3.8L) in 4 Hours

Up to 6 Gallons (22.8L) in 24 Hours

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