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Juicing - The Secret to Ultimate Health Webinar


Has your juicer been relegated to the cabinet where it doesn’t even see the light of day? Are you burned out on the thought of washing, cleaning, cutting, juicing and washing again?

Do you know someone who has considered juicing but just doesn’t know where to begin?

Then, this webinar with Ann Malkmus is the right place for you!

Ann, the Chief of Education for the Hallelujah Diet will help motivate you to dust off that juicer and put it back to good use.

She will:

  • Provide you with the steps you need to make great tasting, healthy juice
  • Help you with the care of maintaining your juice for as long as possible
  • Remind you of the many valuable components juicing has for your health
  • Give you pointers on the best juicer to buy
  • Share testimonies of those who have transformed their health just by juicing
  • Even give you some recipes to try




  1. Green Star Elite Juicer
    Green Star Elite Juicer
    Regular Price $649.95 Your Price $599.95
  2. Omega Juicer - NC1000HDS
    Omega Juicer - NC1000HDS
  3. Juice On The Go Kit
    Juice On The Go Kit

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