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Learn About the Direct Relationship Between Oral Health and Overall Health




In this live broadcast, Paul Malkmus, CEO, is joined by Gary M. McCown, DDS, MAGD, Clinical Assistant Professor in The Department of General Dentistry at The University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine, as well as a practicing dentist. Here is a sampling of the topics they will cover in this webinar:

  • Dental research that matters to you
  • The vital importance of good nutrition
  • Combine the right diet, juicing and exercise
  • The impact of white flour and sugar on teeth
  • Avoiding dental disease and decay and systemic illness
  • Preventing and addressing periodontal disease and cavitations
  • Dangers of mercury/silver amalgam restorations
  • Why dental implants are far superior to root canals
  • Why focal infections are acceptable to most dentists
  • How to avoid anerobic infections
  • Why fluoride is bad
  • Why it’s important to understand that teeth are living systems




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