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Zinc Picolinate

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Zinc is an essential mineral that is a cofactor in many enzyme systems. Here are some of the benefits of zinc:

  • Promotes healthy aging
  • Assists normal RNA/DNA replication
  • Involved as cofactor in many enzymes
  • Supports healthy immune system function
  • Supports body’s normal anti-viral defenses
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Zinc is an essential mineral that is a cofactor in many enzyme systems. As many as 3,000 proteins in the body have a binding site for zinc [1]. Some proteins use zinc for catalyzing reactions, some for stabilizing the structure of the protein, and some for regulating gene expression. As such, any shortage or deficiency affects many systems in the body. Zinc deficiency is more common as people get older.

Though zinc is commonly found in red meat, it is the non-red meat zinc that was associated with less progression of coronary artery calcification (CAC) in a recent study [2]. Coronary artery calcification is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease and death from all causes.

Zinc supplementation has been shown to increase the number of T cells (immune system cells that detect and kill infected or malignant cells) in elderly people [3, 4], which could lead to an improvement in resistance to infections. The body has natural anti-viral defenses which are bolstered by supplying enough zinc [5, 6], using supplements if necessary.

Zinc picolinate is a highly bio-available form of zinc to ensure maximum absorption.

The Hallelujah Diet and other whole food plant-based diets typically have higher amounts of copper in it than the typical American diet, so that supplementing with copper is not necessary and may be detrimental. Nuts and seeds are rich sources of dietary plant-based zinc.



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